Manual map downloads

If you want to test a map, or are having issues downloading while in the game, here's how you download the map and make it usable by the game.

Map repos

Map testing

Once you have a map downloaded, you can test a map out without connecting to a server or starting a game from the menu. 

Fun stuff

You can customize your player to wear a hat, beard, mohawk, and other fun things on your character while you play. We have funstuff enabled on our server. Give it a try!

For example, I have Tom and Rafiq set up. You can also choose an item for Free-for-all games, but you can only choose from the red version of your character. If I want a hat for each, these are the respective commands I'd jot down:

For example:

Game modes

Coming soon

Game settings

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Recording (Demoing) a user

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