Sneaky B's

Urban Terror Clan

Clan purpose

Provide a fun, safe place for all ages to enjoy the game of Urban Terror

Clan server rules

  1. Listen to Admins and clan members. They are dedicated to upholding the clan purpose.

  2. No swearing, bullying, or offensive comments. We're here to have fun. If someone isn't having fun, is it something you are doing or not doing?

  3. Camping is allowed. It's called an ambush or a defensive position and it's a legitimate tactic in combat.

  4. Spawn killing is allowed. As the spawnee, it makes you a better player. Also we give you spawn protection, use it!

  5. Rules are flexible. If someone isn't having fun because of rules 3 and 4, then change your tactics to help them have fun.



  • Big

  • PenguinGeek


  • Sharp

  • MaxwellSmart


  • Roosif

  • TheBookah

  • SmallPotato

  • Small

  • D4rkth4wt2

  • Commander0Dear

Consider joining our clan

We welcome all players who can abide by our rules. If you are interested in helping demonstrate and uphold our rules, we'd love to have you in our clan. Use the Join our clan button at the bottom.