What is funstuff?

You can customize your player to wear a hat, beard, mohawk, and other fun things on your character while you play. We have funstuff enabled on our server. Give it a try!

Here's how you do it

  1. Every character has different options. In the game, look to see what characters you have set up for when you are on the red and blue teams (Setup > Player).

  2. Go to this page, and look up the code you need to enter for the items you want. Note some things can be used with a helmet, other's can't.

For example, I have Tom and Rafiq set up. You can also choose an item for Free-for-all games, but you can only choose from the red version of your character. If I want a hat for each, these are the respective commands I'd jot down:

      1. Blue team - Tom: capbl (blue hat)

      2. Red team - Rafiq: caprd (red hat)

      3. Free team - Rafiq: capgn (green hat)

  1. Next, while playing a game, hit the console back-tick key ( ` ), which is usually under the escape key.

  2. Type /fun<TEAM> <ITEM>. Don't have a space between /fun and the team color.

For example:

      1. /funblue capbl

      2. /funred caprd

      3. /funfree capgn

  1. Now go show it off in game!